Day Packs

Day Packs are one day experiences that are enjoyable for families while providing learning experiences.  The trips are generally built around a historical perspective of the location and provide varied opportunities for educational experience.  These brochures are designed to make the experience educational and enjoyable.

Appalachicola / St. George Island Day Pack

Appalachicola has a rich history in Northern Florida and was an important city.  It has great charm and is a picturesque town that preserves many of the attributes of ‘old Florida’.  Nearby, St. George Island, a barrier island off the coast of Florida, is a ‘laid back’ area with a wonderful St. Park which provides a glimpse of the area before the development.  Pristine beaches offer a great afternoon adventure for families.  You will not want to leave and, there is lots to learn.

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Cedar Key Day Pack

Cedar Key is a small town in Northern Florida that is a quiet fishing village with an artistic flair.  It boasts the largest clam farming industry in the US and is steeped in historical significance.  It is worth a day visit!