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Unit Pricing

Students in 5th grade and early middle school must begin to develop an understanding of ratios and proportions. An easy application of the concept is related to unit pricing.  If  a package of six onions costs $2.84, what is the price per item?  This is a fundamental skill that all skilled shopper must possess.  By practicing ‘unit pricing’, student will develop an ‘beginning understanding’ of ratio and proportion which is a critical skill at the 6th grade level.  Additionally, they will understand how to make better consumer decisions.

Ideas to Consider

As you are moving through the grocery store with your child, ask them to approximate the cost ‘per onion’ of the bag of onions when given the price of the bag.  (As an example, of course, there are examples to practice all over the grocery store.) . 

Make the activity fun.  We don’t want to make the trip to the grocery store like ‘going to school’.  The point is to make it engaging and fun so that the children get the practice of the concept while in a real-world setting.  

Another example would be to have your child try to determine the ‘best buy’ when the grocery store provides more than one packaging option for a particular item.

Learning should not only happen in classrooms, learning should be in experiences!  Learning is not in books!